Skrublords Git Rekt

Night One


Upon arriving in the mountain village of Kedesh, our heroes, CalixC and $wag, found that they hadn’t yet secured their lodgings for the night. However, because their priorities were soundly arranged, they first went to visit the village’s single tavern.

In this tavern, they met a very grumpy alchemist, Mustang, who suspected them of being stalkers, and an enthusiastic man, Leorio, who they learned was a member of a team of Heroes sent to Kedesh to investigate the vampire attacks. The pair followed Leorio back to where his team had been staying, and (finally) found a room for themselves.

Yelling brought their attention to one of Leorio’s companions, a short, blond man (?) named Kurapika. They learned that the youngest member of the three-man team had somehow evaded Leorio, much to Kurapika’s irritation, and set out in search of the boy.

$wag’s incredible observation skills led the pair deep into the forest, where they found a young boy offering chocolate to a shadowed figure. After a brief altercation with the boy’s animal familiar, an incredibly observant dire wolf, the boy saw the pair and introduced himself as Gon.

$wag and CalixC attempted to lure the shadowed figure, who Gon named as Killua, out of the tree that he had disappeared into upon their arrival using promises of chocolate. However, after it became apparent that this was a useless enterprise, Gon suggested that they ride back to the village on his dire wolf.

Upon returning to the other members of his team, Gon was reamed out by both Kurapika and Leorio, who thanked CalixC and $wag for returning him safely. The pair finally returned to their room to rest, so that they would be prepared for whatever the next day would bring…


June June

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