Skrublords Git Rekt

Day One


The morning after their interesting encounter in the woods, CalixC and $wag visited their new acquaintances. While CalixC attempted to convince Kurapika that he was a member of the slaughtered Kurta clan, $wag visited the village’s local market, purchasing every manner of treat that he could find. The group then met up to eat, and $wag ordered every kind of food he could while harassing a pair of alchemists at a neighboring table.

After their meal, at Kurapika’s suggestion, the group attempted to report in with the village’s tiny excuse for government. However, they encountered the body of a murdered man in the process. Confirming that this person had, in fact, been killed by vampires, the group resolved to aggressively investigate the attacks as soon as possible.

After gathering supplies, the group began their travel through the dense woods. Although they walked calmly in the security that the sunlight would ward off any vampire attacks, they were forced into combat with surprisingly aggressive animals. After successfully evading the animals’ attacks, they continued on, hoping to discover the reason behind the vampire attacks…


June June

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