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Welcome to my campaign!

There’s not a whole lot to see right now, but there may be if you guys stay with us long enough. For now, please check out some of the following:

The Adventure Log

You lot tend to forget what we’ve done in previous sessions. If you can’t remember what’s happened so far, go look at the Adventure Log. It’s all chronicled there, starting with The Beginning.

Vampire-Hunting Team Alpha

I’m kidding, sort of, but this is the the primary team sent by the Hero’s Association to investigate the supposed vampire attacks in Kedesh. For an unknown reason, the Hero’s Association has yet to hear anything from them about killing vampires. They’re composed of three members:

Kurapika Kurta
The brains of the operation, he seems to primarily fulfill the role of Mama!Pika.
Leorio Paladiknight
We’re not quite sure what he does yet, but his named sounds a lot like “Oreos,” so that’s cool.
Gon Freecss
He’s young, and apparently loves giving the Mama!Pika a heart attack. He also seems to be consorting with dhampirs.

Vampire Hunting Team Beta

This team is composed of newly-hired Heroes sent to assist Kurapika, Leorio and Gon in their hunt for vampires. It’s composed of two members:

He may or may not have previous association with Kurapika. Somehow, he can see without his eyes.
He’s a very elusive ninja who likes attacking friendly people for no reason and camping in the woods out of spite.

Main Page

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